How can I preserve the natural beauty of COMPAC Technological Quartz?

It is very simple, due to its physical and chemical characteristics and no porosity; it only requires a regular cleaning using a neutral pH product / detergent, rinsing it with water and dry it with a cloth or towel paper. Following this advice it will maintain its natural brightness and appearance for many years.

How can I remove stains?

Dilute a small amount of neutral pH detergent in warm water, rub the stain with a cloth in a circular motion and rinse it immediately with water.

How can I clean a dried lime stain?

Pour vinegar (or some diluted light acid) or use non-abrasive cleaners for cleaning the lime stain, applied it over the surface and leave it for 1 minute, then rinse it with water.

How can I remove the hardened remnants of household products?: Food, fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, sauces, basic cosmetics, gum, makeup or nail polish.

Detach the remnants with a plastic spatula, clean the surface, dampen a cloth with a neutral detergent and rinse it with water.

How can I remove household products stains?: Food, fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, sauces, toiletries, bleach, ammonia or nail polish remover.

The remnants of these products are removed by rubbing with a cloth dampened with neutral pH detergent.

How can I remove the silicone residue?

Moisten the surface applying a small amount of solvent (such as ethanol).  Scraped  smoothly with a blade to avoid scratching the surface. Rinse it immediately with plenty of water.

I have a rust stain, how can I clean it?

To eliminate rust stains: Pour a small amount of hydrochloric acid.  Leave it to react for a few seconds, rinse it with plenty of water and dry it with a cloth towel paper.

How do I care and clean a quartz surface with Ovo or Matt finish:

All technological quartz finishes: Polished, Ovo and Matt have the same quality levels and physical-mechanical qualities, but Ovo and Matt finishes require more care and maintenance as they are much more sensitive daily life marks.

Do technological quartz surfaces with BIO resins or recycled materials have the same maintenance?

COMPAC has several products made from renewable vegetable-based “BIO” resins: Carrara, Perino, Botticino, Noce, Imperial, Portoro and Pierre Bleue. Also it manufactures, products with recycled materials (crystals) high percentages: Azabache, Titaneo, Lactea, Rubi and Venecia. All of them have the same qualities and therefore the same care and maintenance.

Is COMPAC Technological Quartz material safe?

All our technological quartz products are certified and approved for home use by the official agency in each country.  GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified, which certifies their contribution to creating healthy indoor environment by not producing any volatile polluting emissions, GREENGUARD Children’s & Schools, which supports its use in schools or places with children for long periods of time and NSF that warrants that no contaminant chemical element is transmitted to the food from the surfaces.

Where should not be places COMPAC Technological Quartz?

Do not put COMPAC outside or in any place under an intense sunlight or in places where the product is exposed to UV rays lamps.

Is COMPAC resistant to heat?

COMPAC Technological Quartz is heat resistant product but if you placed recently heated objects on the worktop (pans, pots, etc…) they can damage it irreversibly.  We therefore recommend that you never place them directly on worktop, use mats and pads to place these objects.  Toasters, fryers and embedded equipment: hob, dishwashers, etc, which generate heat mush have enough space between them and the surface to cool away the high temperatures.  Always use common sense and you will keep the beauty of this natural material.

Is it necessary to apply a sealer on the COMPAC technological quartz surface?

No, COMPAC quartz surfaces do not need any kind of repellents or sealers because they have no porosity.

Can I cut or use sharp tools on COMPAC's surfaces?

The Technological Quartz is made with 93-95% of natural quartz, one of the hardest and most beautiful mineral, but we recommend using cutting boards for proper conservation.

Which chemicals or cleaners are not recommended to use?

Do not use paint stripper, caustic soda, degreasing or products with pH upper 10 or chlorine-base: oven cleaners, toilet, furniture polish, oil soaps and products to unclog.  Do not use products which contain hydrofluoric acid or dichloromethane. If you use bleach or solvent rinse them with water and never leave them in contact with the surface for a long time.

Can I re-polish the technological quartz surface?

Quartz Surfaces should not be re-polished under any circumstances, even quartz floors or countertops.