Pure Raw Material

Stonite™ Engineered Stone selects natural pure quartz crystal with Si02 content reaching 98%. The greater the purity, the harder the stone.

More Durable Than Granite

Stonite™ is 93% natural quartz making it much stronger than granite.  It is non-porous, protecting the surface from food and beverage stains.  When it comes to performance Stonite™  resists cracks, chips, scratches and stains superior to that of granite and other countertop surfaces.


With our sophisticated laboratories, R+D facilities, and strong developmental focus,  Stonite™ aims to cater to every need of our customers.  All of this is realized in accordance with Stonite™   principle values which include steady growth through continued investment in human capital, perfection in product development, and commitment to environmental awareness.

With seven unique innovation technologies such as ultra clean and bright technology, micro-stone emulsion technology, and nanometer modification, we continue investing and  improving to be an industry leader.

NSF Certified

Stonite™ has received certification under NSF 51 as a safe material for use in areas where food preparation could take place. NSF International is an independent, accredited organization that tests, audits and certifies products and systems.

10-Year Warranty

Stonite™ Engineered Stone comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  For more information on how to care for your natural quartz surface, please visit our website:  www.stoniteusa.com or email us at info@stoniteusa.com