About Artistestone

Artistestones is a stone produced by aqua sonic blasting technology for decor stone. It brings the art of stone carving to present time as well as the simple ancient applications, colors, precipitations and embossment.

Wall and Floor Coverings :

Places for use

  • All interior or exterior wall and/or coverings.

Places can not be used

  • Any surface with industrial machine and abrasive cleaning and/or polishing.
  • Surfaces used as kitchen counters
  • Surfaces to be used as counters
  • Inside a swimming pool
  • Interior fireplace and furnace surfaces

Important Notes for Consumers

  • All natural stones used as interior or exterior coverings, might change tone and color because of rain, wind and different weather conditions, depending on the characteristics of the stone. Please note that your decorated stones might change tonality and color over time by reason of that .
Wall Coverings for Dry Surfaces:

Places for use

  • All interior wall coverings.

Places can not be used

  • Interior walls with direct water contact
  • Surfaces in contact with bath tub
  • Surfaces in contact with shower cabinets
  • Surfaces used as kitchen counters
  • Surfaces to be used as counters
  • Inside of a swimming pool and/or pool area surface coating
  • Spas and/or Turkish Bath rooms with intensive moisture
  • Interior fireplace and furnace surfaces

Important information about the places of applications

  • Fireplaces, furnaces  and/or radiators, any place with direct heat or re, keep 25 inches distance for application. Do not use on places with 243 Fahrenheit and above.


  • Polymer-based porcelain adhesives or polyurethane mastic adhesives should be used for zing.
  • Use mastic joint sealer for grouting. Do not use cement based leers.
  • If there is any staining like hand-marks, mortar residue, adhesive or silicon pieces on the deco and/or the natural stone during application or joint sealing procedures, remove the residue and clean it immediately using water based cleaners . Do not use cleaners containing acids or solvents.
  • During application, if there is any scratches or damages on the deco and/or the stone, cover the damaged surface with water-based polyurethane yatch varnish that can be found in your local markets.
  • According to the structure of the application area, if you cut the stone to t it in to a certain length, you should apply protective yatch varnish to the cut side.
  • Wait till its fully dry before application. Only dry-cut the stones. Do not use water during cutting.

Taking Care of your Artistestone

  • Artistestone products are designed on led and honed or polished Natural Stones. Therefore you do not need to polish and refurbish the stones after application.
  • Do not use cleaners containing solvents or acids.
  • Do not scratch the surface with abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not use sandpaper, steel wool, scouring pads or any other abrasive materials to clean, it might result in damaging the natural stone surface.
  • We recommend to apply the natural stone protector on Artistestone every year will extend the usage and the new appearance of stones.

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