Being a natural material, each of our granite slabs feature patterns and colors that make them one of a kind. For a surface that offers a level of elegance that is often imitated but never equaled, our granite counter are the surfaces that raise the bar for all surfaces.


Marble is used for kitchen counters and kitchen counter inserts. It's also used for backsplashes, table tops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, stairsteps and wall tiles, and it is sometimes used for statuary and in building construction.

Natural Quartzite

Natural Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. Through a process of high heating and pressurization sandstone is transformed into Quartzite, an extremely strong and durable natural stone. When heated, individual quartz pieces recrystallize giving it a beautiful and decorative sparkling pattern. Natural Quartzite is ideal for any countertop surface.


Stonite™ selects natural pure quartz crystal with Si02 content reaching 98%. The greater the purity, the harder the stone. It is 93% natural quartz making it much stronger than granite. It is non-porous, protecting the surface from food and beverage stains.

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